Rizzotti Home Construction - Walked off a construction job incomplete

Wenham, Massachusetts 1 comment

Hired Rizzotti construction to do an 85,000 home improvement. My home was left incomplete and in dangerous condition. The company "ran out of money" and refused to finish the job or clean up the mess they left until we paid them a balance of cash that was to be held to insure completion.

They were disorganized and disapearred for weeks at a time with no notice. The workmanship was very poor. We were told that they were master carpenters and had a semi skilled person do 90% of the work.

When questioned about the lack of care for our belongings they became defensive and spitefull.

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:( The did the same thing to me.The only thing was they were under the other Rizzotti-- The Father.

They broke and destroyed furniture (that was New) and left messes that I had to clean up. ie; oil in my driveway that was from their truck. :( :x

Unprofessional in every aspect and always looking to get the money before the job was complete. Did not stick to contract and became angry when critiqued.

Not a good experience and not good at all in any aspect of their work.Sloppy, inconsistent, floors uneven, doors unable to open etc...

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